Transportation Results

Transportation Results
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The table below shows the value of THE CHRISTIAN TRANSPORTATION INVESTOR Portfolios at maturity expressed as a percentage of original investment and the amount they led (or lagged) the gain achieved by the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the same one year period expressed in basis points (100 basis points = 1%). Remember that each portfolio matures after one year. Thus the final results are posted in the newsletter that has a date one year later than the origination date of the portfolio.

SPRING 2016 PORTFOLIO 116.10% LAGGED DJIA BY (903)Basis Points

WINTER 2016 PORTFOLIO 112.95% LED DJIA BY 344 Basis Points

AUTUMN 2015 PORTFOLIO 103.47% LED DJIA BY 829 Basis Points

SUMMER 2015 PORTFOLIO 99.23% LED DJIA BY 20 Basis Points

WINTER 2015 PORTFOLIO 103.27% LED DJIA BY 644 Basis Points

WINTER 2014 PORTFOLIO 144.72% LED DJIA by 3408 Basis Points

WINTER 2013 PORTFOLIO 135.54% LED DJIA by 1018 Basis Points

WINTER 2012 PORTFOLIO 108.47% LED DJIA by 619 Basis Points