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You can "cut and paste" the following URLs into your browser to view press coverage of the successes achieved by The Christian Value Investor and its sister publications. The most recent are at the top of the list.


Each Model Stock Portfolio in The Christian Value Investor contains twenty-five stocks evenly distributed within a hypothetical $100,000 portfolio. Using such a round number at the start allows one to tell at a glance the gain (or loss) that has resulted in the 3, 6, 9 or 12 months since introduction. Just as important is how well it did relative to the overall market as measured against the universally accepted benchmarks of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P-500. The closing value of an Index expressed as a percentage of its opening multiplied by $100,000 allows direct comparison of TCVI’s performance with that of the Index over the same time period. Portfolios for The Christian Value Investor’s sister publications that focus on Utilities and Transportation are tracked by the same methodology, but have a lesser number of stock picks due to the smaller field from which current value stocks are selected. Each TCVI Newsletter contains five model portfolios--one that is maturing after its nominal one-year run, one that has run nine months, another six months, one three months and one originating in the current newsletter to replace the one maturing. While these five portfolios have a total of 125 stock picks, that does not mean 125 different stocks, inasmuch as many stocks chosen in one quarter still meet our value stock criteria in subsequent quarters and are included in follow-on portfolios. The Christian Utility Investor follows the same format with new portfolios each quarter, but The Christian Transportation Investor currently issues only one portfolio per year, originating with the Winter edition which is issued close to the end of November.


Each edition of The Christian Value Investor and its sister publications provides subscribers the full stock-by-stock data table for each model portfolio issued in that newsletter during the preceding 12 months. Summary data is provided on the website. To review the results of past editions simply click the appropriate icon on the Results page.

When studying investment information, always remember the standard financial disclaimer that “past performance does not guarantee future results.”