Reasons to shop from us

The reasons one should deal with THE CHRISTIAN VALUE INVESTOR® quite simply boil down to two words. Those words are: PERFORMANCE and TRUST.

These key words define precisely why most people are shopping for an Investment Newsletter. They are generally involved to some degree with the stock market, by virtue of having an IRA, a 401K or a taxable brokerage account and are looking for a way to improve their results. Since everyone selling such a product wants you to believe they can be trusted to deliver what you want, how does one solve the issue of trust?

Faithful Servant LLC, the company that publishes The Christian Value Investor, approaches each aspect of its business from a Christian perspective. To learn more about the company, we invite you to click on the “About Us” link above. Our marketing slogan is “Care about what your investment does, not just what it earns!” We scrupulously avoid some real money-makers because they are involved in "sin stock" businesses that do not mesh with our faith. We strive to produce model stock portfolios a Christian can embrace, without having to abandon a profitability goal.

Performance can be objectively measured. Unfortunately, this happens only after the fact and the standard disclaimer in the Investment World that states “Past performance is no guarantee of future results” is absolutely true. Nonetheless, as imperfect an indicator as it may be, in the absence of a way to foresee the future, it is the commonly accepted measure by which competitors are differentiated. This is where trust and performance issues come together.

No one touts their product as the inferior one, so how is one to judge the veracity of performance claims? President Ronald Reagan, speaking on another subject altogether, provided us the catch phrase that answers the question: “Trust, but Verify.” We post our results and do not “cherry-pick” them to only show those which are most favorable.

As for our performance, the graphic above provides a tabular summary of the gain in market value achieved by the portfolios that have matured, compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the same period. If you click on the graphic, you will be taken to the “Frequently Asked Questions” page, where it is also displayed. There, if you click on the graphic, it will open in a new window displayed full screen thus making it very readable.

The gain in market value (excluding dividends) for The Christian Value Investor over its nominal one-year run is given in terms of percentage of initial investment, and the amount by which TCVI led (or lagged) the Dow is expressed in basis points. If this term is unfamiliar, Question 10 on the FAQ page provides the explanation which is the reason the graphic is paired with that page. The Results tab on the left will take you to performance data for the entire family of newsletters arrayed in several different formats, and links to news articles and press releases that compliment the results our Newsletters have achieved.

We encourage you to read the content of the remaining pages on this site, and hope we may add you to the readership community of The Christian Value Investor, or a Sister Newsletter focused on the Utility or Transportation Sector of the market.