The Christian Transportation Investor

The Christian Transportation Investor
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Building on the success of The Christian Value Investor and The Christian Utility Investor, The Christian Transportation Investor was introduced in mid-December 2011 following the format of its sister publications but focused exclusively on stocks from the transportation field.

The Christian Transportation Investor has experienced tremendous success in its first several years, and to review a summary go to our Results page and click on the transportation icon. There you will find a listing of each portfolio that has matured with the gain (or loss) in market value realized during its run compared with the gain (or loss) of the Dow Jones Industrial Average during the same period. TCTI is tracked by Hulbert Financial Digest and we are anxiously awaiting our five year anniversary (31 December 2016) to see if we will make it into the Top Seven ranking published in their monthly newsletter.

One must always remain cognizant of the financial disclaimer that states: “Past performance is no guarantee of future results.” While absolutely true, nonetheless, as imperfect an indicator as it may be, in the absence of a way to foresee the future, it is the commonly accepted measure by which competitors are differentiated.